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We came across Nascent Biotech Inc.
last year and it caught our eye despite still trading on the OTC for just pennies per share.

The share price of a stock isn’t a very important number. Investment outcomes are logarithmic. It’s all about percentage change. And low-priced stocks with legitimate IP, assets, or operations and a plausible path to notable growth shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand. This is especially true of biotechnology stocks in our experience.

NBIO provides a good example of this potential.

See Stem, Bet on Flower

Nascent Biotech Inc.
is an emerging player in the $4 billion oncology drug development space with a legitimate IP asset possibly heading into Phase 2 clinical research for its first flagship pipeline asset. Besides the good news that it appears to have successfully navigated Phase 1 research, this stage of development is of particular interest to institutional money managers involved in the biotech space.

Phase 2 research is where the rubber really starts to hit the road.

This is when new star drug assets have the opportunity to shine in the public eye for the first time as early data from Phase 2 research tends to have implications for future market potential or the likelihood of eventual full FDA approval and commercial ROI.

It’s also when larger players in the drug space start to sniff around for potential acquisition opportunities. According to industry-leading publication, experts see the potential for a coming surge of mergers and acquisitions in biotech, which bodes particularly well for early-stage players in the space.

Stat’s analysis notes that the last surge in biotech acquisitions occurred from 2013-2018. During that period, nearly 25% of the acquisition targets hadn’t ever begun even a phase 2 trial. Many more come during Phase 2 as early data on efficacy starts to emerge and shape a picture of the outcome distribution ahead.

In other words, simply where NBIO is in the course of its development and commercialization process for its flagship cancer treatment suggests the potential for speculative interest starting to enter the picture. Naturally, once promising data begins to get public attention, the cat will be out of the bag and shares will be tough to chase.

Hence, we decided it would be a good idea to put NBIO shares on your radar now, ahead of the excitement phase that could follow the start of Phase 2 research ahead.

PTB: A Unique Oncology Asset

NBIO’s flagship drug is Pritumumab (PTB), a natural human antibody that binds to cell surface Vimentin (also referred to as ectodomain vimentin), which is a protein expressed on the surface of epithelial cancers. Ectodomain vimentin (EDV) is an ideal target for immunotherapy as it is expressed on the surface of tumor cells and is significantly overexpressed in glioblastomas (GBM).

In theory, the upshot is that PTB binds to the tumor to “recruit” the host immune system to eliminate cancer cells.

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