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Nascent Biotech’s lead product, Pritumumab, a natural human antibody, has been used to treat 250 brain cancer patients.

After 5 years, patients treated with Pritumumab have an overall survival rate of 25-30%, compared to 3% standard therapy, demonstrating antibodies are safe and effective.

The United States Patent Office has issued 11 patents for Pritumumab: 4618577; 4761377; 5093261; 5155036; 5286647; 5589573; 5602027; 6051229; 6051387; 6051693; 6165467.

Pritumumab is a fully natural human IgG antibody that was derived using proprietary technology from a B-cell isolated from a tumor draining lymph node of a patient with cervical cancer.

The recognized target is ecto-domain vimentin that is expressed on the cell surface of a variety of adenocarcinomas, including brain cancers and melanoma, but not expressed by normal tissues and cells.

In various Phase II clinical trials in Japan patients with brain cancer treated with Pritumumab showed an overall response rate between 25–30% with several survivors beyond 5-years post-treatment. Toxicities were minimal suggesting Pritumumab is a safe and effective therapeutic agent for the treatment of patients with brain cancer.


Nascent Biotech has been awarded 4 patents on CLNH5 from the United States Patent Office: 4618577; 6051229; 6051387; 6090924.


MultiPharm™ is a platform technology proprietary to Nascent Biotech that may have additive and synergistic effects not only for cancer therapy but also diabetes, autoimmunity, and transplantation.

MultiPharm™ uses multiple agents (antibodies and/or cytokines).