About Nascent Biotech


Nascent Biotech is a Florida-based company focused on the development and delivery of human antibodies and cytokine responses for the treatment of cancer.

The innate ability of the intelligence of the natural human immune system to generate a cancer specific response combined with Nascent Biotech’s technical skills opens the door for immunologically based therapeutics for human cancer.

Nascent Biotech is using and developing human antibodies and cytokine responses obtained from the innate natural human immune response as a drug discovery platform for identifying new antibodies and antigens for commercialization.

Our insight into the natural human immune response defines important targets for therapeutic intervention thus enabling the rapid development of new classes of safe, non-toxic, and specific biological drugs for use in the clinic.

The company’s technology portfolio is based upon the natural human immune system, uniquely utilizing the immune system’s innate capabilities and selectivity to produce effective immune boosting and regulation biomolecules.

In our bodies, the natural immune response to harmful agents is both oligoclonal and oligocelluar; that is, several different antibodies and cell types are generated to attach a particular disease agent.

Use of a single monoclonal antibody (mAB), or monotherapy, to treat a disease – the approach employed by most pharmaceutical / biotechnology companies – may not be optimal and is certainly not the preferred natural approach.

Nascent Biotech’s approach to treatment of disease is to “mimic” the body’s natural antibody and cellular reponses by identifying and combining antibodies and natural cytokines into a single therapy for more effective disease treatment.

Nascent Biotech believes that by combining specifically selected biomolecules into a potent “cocktail”, one can create an efficient, multi-targetted attack against disease. Applications of this technology span cancer, metabolic disorders and infectious disease indications.

Delivering human antibodies for the treatment of cancer