Use of the GPEx® System to Increase Production of Pritumumab in a CHO Cell Line

The Journal of Bioprocess Technology has published a paper co-authored by Nascent Biologics Inc. co-founder and chief executive officer Dr. Mark C. Glassy, PhD, entitled “Use of the GPEx® System to Increase Production of Pritumumab in a CHO Cell Line.” This study highlights NBI’s relationship with Catalent, detailed here.

From the paper’s abstract:

Expression of many therapeutic antibodies is not always cost effective due to low level of secretion per cell per day; thus, goal of the present investigations was to determine if the GPEx® technology developed by the Catalent Pharma Solutions could overcome this limitation for the pritumumab. Pritumumab is a natural human IgG1 kappa antibody isolated from a lymph node of a patient with cervical carcinoma. The original human-human hybridoma secreted approximately 1 picogram of antibody per cell per day (pcd). To circumvent this limitation, and to make the antibody more commercially viable, a pritumumab-secreting Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cell line was created using the GPEx® technology. A number of the resulting clones secreted greater than 40 pcd – at least a 40-fold increase over the original human-human hybridoma. Comparison of immunoreactivity of pritumumab produced by the two methods by flow cytometry binding and immunohistochemical staining of tumor tissues revealed them to be comparable. In conclusion, it is clear that application of the GPEx® technology for high level of therapeutic antibody (pritumumab) represents a significant advancement towards its production in a cost effective manner, and circumvents the limitation of low rate of expression for application in therapy and diagnosis of cancer.

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Catalent to Contribute Expertise on Pipeline Progression at European Antibody Congress 2012

Somerset, NJ, November 20 2012 – Dr. Greg Bleck, R&D Platform Director-Biologics, Catalent Pharma Solutions, will participate in a panel discussion titled “How collaboration can lead to faster pipeline progression”, on Wednesday 28th November at the European Antibody Congress 2012 (27 – 28 November 2012, Starling Geneva Hotel & Conference Center, Geneva, Switzerland).

Part of the event’s Monoclonal Antibody Track, the panel discussion will follow the presentation of a partnership case study on Pritumumab by Mark Glassy, Chief Executive Officer of Nascent Biologics, Inc., and will examine how the collaboration was established and the skill set brought by each company. The session will go on to discuss the benefits of developing pipelines in this manner, factoring in timescales, cost and scientific expertise. It will conclude by looking to the future and how such relationships can help to take more products through the clinic to the market.

Dr. Bleck joined Catalent in 1998 as Director of Molecular Biology & Transgenics. He has a broad background in molecular biology, mammalian gene expression, cell culture and transgenic animals. Greg holds a Bachelor’s degree in Dairy Science and has a Doctorate in Endocrinology-Reproductive Physiology from University of Wisconsin-Madison. He performed postdoctoral work at the University of Illinois-Urbana, working in the areas of gene regulation and expression. Greg has published more than 55 research papers and co-authored three book chapters.

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more products. better treatments. reliably supplied.™ Catalent to Use Mammalian Cell Platform to Generate Nascent’s Anticancer Antibody

The following article appeared at Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News on April 17, 2012:

Catalent to Use Mammalian Cell Platform to Generate Nascent’s Anticancer Antibody

Nascent Biologics signed an antibody development deal with Catalent Pharma Solutions through which the latter will use its GPEx® technology to engineer a cell line expressing Nascent’s pritumumab antibody for use in Phase I/II brain cancer trials. Clinical studies will initially be designed to validate early human trials indicating that treatment of glioma with pritumumab boosts five-year survival rates nine-fold, to about 27%.

Catalent offers comprehensive drug and biologic development services, delivery technologies, and supply solutions to the pharma and biopharma industry. Its GPEx technology has been developed to create stable, high-yielding mammalian cell lines efficiently and quickly. The deal with Nascent follows a couple of weeks after Catalent and BASF entered into a broad collaboration and open alliance that aims to generate new solutions for overcoming drug bioavailability challenges.

Nascent’s drug development approach is based on the premise that the most effective way to treat diseases such as cancer is to modulate natural immune response, using a combination of monoclonal antibodies and cytokines. To this end the firm is developing its MultiPharm™ and Uberkine™ platforms for potential applications in cancer therapy, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, and transplantation therapy. MultiPharm uses multiple agents (antibodies and/or cytokines) while Uberkine is designed to generate a more complete immune response. Lead product pritumumab is a natural human antibody that has has been used to treat 250 brain cancer patients.

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New paper on Pritumumab Released by Nascent Biologics Co-founder Glassy

Nascent Biologics co-founder Mark C. Glassy has co-authored a new paper entitled “Summary analysis of the pre-clinical and clinical results of brain tumor patients treated with pritumumab.”

Published in Human Antibodies 18, the paper covers the performance of pritumumab in patients with brain cancer.

The bottom line:

Pritumumab appears to be a safe and effective therapy in patients with malignant gliomas.

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