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VERO BEACH, FL / ACCESSWIRE / April 12, 2022 / Nascent Biotech, developer of Pritumumab (PTB), a monoclonal antibody showing promise in the treatment of brain cancer, has partnered with BioTools, Inc to clearly define PTB’s higher order molecular structure (HOS).

Nascent is exploring the potential of modifying the antibody to enhance its effectiveness and to broaden its therapeutic application. BioTool’s groundbreaking ROA laser-based technology provides detailed and complete structural characterization at all stages of development including formulation and stability. ROA spectrum generates a structural snapshot and unique signature for each product and each modification.

PTB is a natural human IgG1 antibody isolated from a patient with cervical carcinoma. It is a protein molecule comprised of multiple amino acid units linked together into a chain which can then fold into various configurations. Both the folding (“secondary structure”) and the more extensive, 3-dimensional results (“tertiary structure”) have dramatic impact on the molecule’s pharmaceutical effectiveness.

“BioTools is known worldwide for their knowledge and expertise in the field of Raman, ROA, and biologic FTIR. We are very pleased to have had an opportunity to work with their scientists to deliver this refined capability for our monoclonal antibody (mAb) development platform.”-Sean Carrick, CEO, Nascent Biotech Inc.

“Nascent’s mAb PTB is an ideal match for our instrumentation as well as for our vision of expanding Raman/ROA+FTIR to more widespread, routine use in BioPharma research labs. This suite of techniques, coupled with the accompanying BioTools’ databases and software, have powerful application to the characterization of higher order structures for many therapeutics.”-BioTools, President & Co-Founder, Dr. Rina Dukor

About Nascent Biotech:

Nascent Biotech, Inc. (OTCQB:NBIO) is a clinical-stage biotech company pioneering the development of monoclonal antibodies to be used in the treatment of various cancers helping millions of people worldwide. Its products are not yet commercially available. The Company’s lead candidate, Pritumumab (PTB), is a monoclonal Antibody (Mab) that is being studied in Phase I clinical trials for the treatment of Brain Cancer at Sharp Healthcare and Hoag Presbyterian Hospital.

About BioTools:

BioTools is a life sciences tools company that revolutionized characterization technology for the most important therapeutics of our time – chiral small molecules and biologics. The breakthrough analytical techniques developed by the company provide molecular structure information which governs safety and efficacy – analyzed in a fraction of a time compared to traditional methodology. BioTools product offerings include instrumentation, specialized CRO services, and unique software and accessories. The products are used globally by most of the world’s top 100 pharmaceutical companies, renowned academic institutions, and government laboratories, including the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Founded in 2000, BioTools has R&D, sales, customer support, contract research lab and manufacturing facilities in Jupiter, Florida, and two international divisions, BioTools Europe, headquartered in the United Kingdom, and BioTools China, headquartered in Dalian. BioTools’ co-founders and products have been recognized by numerous International Awards, including the R&D 100 Top Innovation Award. For more information, visit or contact us at Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter

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Sean Carrick, President | CEO, Nascent Biotech
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